Geeth Telugu Independent Film ..

Geeth — Telugu Independent Film By Chetan Cherry …..
Releasing With Lively Sound Pro Method..
A Zero Budget Film ..

First Time “SAPTAVATARAS” In History Of Short Films..

Whoever Created Their Own Drama ,Deserve Their Own Karma ..

Cherry Cinema Presents
Sandeep Sanju(Bheemavaram),
Lohith Kalyan ,,
Henagrace Samson ,,
F M Babai Dadi ,,
Ramakrishna,, Sruthi Gaaru ,, Master Akhil .

Behind The Lens & Third Eye By : Sri Chaitanya Orkcp Patnaik (Compositing Artist).
Instruments Over Magical Music By : Sri V Kiran Kumar (Fusion Music)
Visual Treat By : Sri Prasanth Malla (VFX Artist) & Chetan Sirasapalli .
Written ,Edited & Directed By : Chetan Sirasapalli(Cherry) .B-tech

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