Neethone II New Telugu short film II Sneha Talika Presents II Story by Chandrashekhar Gokhale

Life is a cocktail of emotions. Hurdles are common in life’s journey. When we stop back and think doe a minute, We get total new perspective of the us and the people around us. This is the story of the young couple, happily married and settled. Situations pop-up and the marriage at stake. Watch this movie to check what needs to be changed in life.

Story – Chandrashekhar Gokhale
Script – Siddharth Salvi , Chandrashekhar gokhle
DOP – Tanmay Sanjay Vichare
Music – Aashish – Siddharth
Editor – Tanmay Sanjay Vichare
Director – Siddharth Salvi

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