My Love- Latest Short film (Hindi)

“Ugadi special” A short film made for puri jagannadh director hunt with sakshi tv collaboration. idea given by puri jagannadh developed by Nagendraprasad.gorthi, its romantic love drama.This short film Produced by NFVSA FILMS in mumbai.
technical details:- Four 600D cameras, tripods, shoot location:- mumbai & matheran.

Partner rating:– No mature content
Release date:– 15/02/2015
Running time:– 15:37
Languages:– hindi
Actors:– fizal khan, varsha patil,
Director:– nagendraprasad gorthi
Producer:– nagendra, faizal khan, shubham harale, akshay salpe.
Writer:– nagendraprasad gorthi
Idea– puri jagannadh
Editor– Sanjay
Category– romantic love drama, Indian cinema.

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