Friendship or Love

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Friendship or Love? What will succeed at the end? Share your thoughts with us.
Ansuni is a story set in a small town somewhere in India it is a story about the relationship between Meera and Hamid who have been friends for six years. But suddenly after Hamid proposes to Meera and is turned down by her it becomes difficult to maintain their friendship. The film is set against a backdrop of a town festival where the two of them are rehearsing for a musical play. Will they be able to go on with the play despite all that has happened between them Will their friendship truly stand by the statement that A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Sunny Bhabhani
Music / Sound: Advait Nemlekar, Mandar Apte, Nitesh Moharir
Editor: Dnyananda Samarth
Cinematographer: Pushkar Jagdish Singh
Actors: Sahil Mehta, Ahana Kurma, Paromita Chatterjee

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